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  • Designed and manufactured in the United States, each Digital Factory PerfectAlign™ mount is a solid, laser cut one-piece unit designed for your specific professional display.

    Simple, quick and perfect installation of video wall systems, portrait or landscape, saving time and money!

    With built-in wire management, PerfectAlign™ mounts provides generous space for electrical and data systems while maintaining a slim, 2" distance from the wall surface. Any number of displays can be quickly and accurately mounted in any matrix size, including both portrait and landscape modes.

    Approved by all major professional display manufacturers, PerfectAlign™ can be also wire flown, mounted on poles, and in freestanding as well as portable applications.

    Because each mount is specifically designed and manufactured for your specific professional display, PerfectAlign™ guarantees a perfect fit for even the latest, ultra-narrow bezel professional displays.


    • Perfect alignment.
    • Fast assembly reduces installation costs.
    • Display-specific design for perfect fit.
    • Manufactured in the United States.
    • Cable management design with a wall-hugging appearance.